enhancing health - embracing life

How does it work?

Osteopathy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy is direct hands on body work, engaging with the client’s system. I work with all conditions related to ill health. When the body is ill or is experiencing pain, it is the skill of the therapist is to find the cause and address it. This is done by restoring, more freedom of movement and balance in the the physical structures of the body like fascia, bones, tissues and fluids. This freedom of movement allows more health in the tissues through better fluid circulation, blood circulation and nervous circulation.  This brings about fuller expression of our internal natural rhythms. More balance and harmony is restored to the body and this leads to significant results in restoring health.


How do I benefit from this treatment?

This form of treatment offers the possibility of opening up to life and health in a whole new and refreshing way. Osteopathy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy can make it possible to connect with that innate blueprint of health which exists within us all. This treatment is gentle and non-invasive therefore safe to use from babies to senior Clients. It covers most ailments both acute and long term more chronic disabilities. Even those who are severely debilitated possess health and that health can express itself more fully in the body with support and encouragement. In the hands of a skilled practitioner we can connect strongly with the health within us and that can be transformational. If this approach sounds like what you are looking for then Osteopathy and Craniosacral treatment is for you.