What my clients are saying

"I suffer daily with chronic vertigo and migraine. I get little sleep. I believed I had no control over feeling better. Gina has shown me that my body searches out health given the chance, and through treatment she facilitates this – it is truly amazing! It took me two sessions to really tap into what was happening. The first time I relaxed so deeply I snored and experienced such relief from symptoms I was astonished. The second time I actually felt gentle changes from inside as I started to tune in to my body, probably for the first time at that deep level. I came to understand how the treatment elicits a healing response from within and how to work with it. I find it harmonizing and empowering, complementing my medical treatment. It is a wonderful resource for me."

Lynda Dundrum, Dublin


“When I learned about Craniosacral Therapy I felt it could really help with my condition, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), which is a partial dislocation of my jaw. The conventional treatment involves use of anti-inflammatory drugs which I found very severe on my system. When I began seeing Gina, she rightly identified stress and life traumas as part of my condition and in the first few sessions, she opened up a quiet and healing space for me to begin resourcing my own natural strengths. It was such a relief for me to find a space where 'I could get going again'. When Gina began the next stage of gentle manipulation, I experienced not only an enormous improvement in my TMD but a general sense of empowerment and well being. I no longer take any anti-inflammatory drugs and as I'm much more self aware, I continue to use the techniques I have learned to keep me resourced. Gina is one of life's healers and lucky for me she has chosen this gentle therapy to practice her great skill”

Anne, Knocklyon, Dublin


“I have always had back problems, due to an injury at work 10 years ago. I have been going to Gina as the need arises. The treatment helps to fix me up, when I do something stupid as my back is vulnerable to injury. I value it in those times of need and in providing regular maintenance to keep my back sorted. I have always found her friendly, and helpful, I will continue to go to her and would highly recommend her."

Michael, Swords, Dublin